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Love harder.

"Inability to make decisions is correct. God made you who you are so deal with it"
A comment made online earlier today in relation to transgender people 'deciding' which gender to be; specifically in reference to today's announcement. There is much I don't yet know about this world, about this life. My own experience is so small... and yet...

Blunt denigration, dismissal, and disregard for another human's experience... isn't acceptable. It isn't the answer. . . . . .

Let's break this down into a too-basic example.

"Cilantro tastes bad." 
Just because you think cilantro tastes bad, doesn't mean everyone does.

Some people don't care one way or the other.
Some people hate it.
Others love the flavor.

So what you really mean to say is, "Cilantro tastes bad to me."

Another step might be, "Cilantro tastes bad to me, but I'm glad that you enjoy it. Can I pick some up at the store for you?"

Or maybe even, &…

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