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My First Whole30

June 19-July 18, 2017
Pretty excited to share a bit more about my first round of Whole30. We did it!

I've heard about Whole30 for a few years now, but never really worked up the motivation to try it. I was surprised to find out that some folks knew what I was talking about, but a bunch more had no idea what I was referring to.

There's a ton of information on Whole30 out there, including their official website, book, and tons of other references on Pinterest, Instagram (#whole30), you name it.

The idea is that many of us might react poorly to common items/ingredients in the Standard American Diet (abbreviated: SAD - ha), but since we're not actually allergic or displaying a "reaction", we don't know what truly affects us... unless we cut out those items. Makes sense. For me, the idea of figuring out what one thing to cut out felt overwhelming and impossible in the midst of everything else (especially considering how cross-influenced all the foods are), so an all-…

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