So I have to laugh, sitting here so early on a Saturday morning... chatting with my mom and husband about "plan C". In this case, it's because she has arrived to be driven to the airport (we're super close), and after loading luggage, etc. into the brand-new-to-us-so-exciting-oh-my-gosh Jeep... it won't start. I go downstairs with the X keys, kind of chuckling, kind of annoyed. We planned to go for a day trip  in the Jeep today. Ah well, at least we HAVE a plan B, says Mom. And that's what makes me laugh, because invariably in my nuclear household there are more vehicles than people or necessity warrant. If the X didn't start (it did, don't worry), we could just take her truck. This might be a "you had to be there" sort of joke. Like, you had to live in the family for the past 28 years to get it. Oh well.

C'est la vie, eh?

I'm feeling particularly French this morning, as I was reading a great new book during a bout of insomnia last night: Bringing Up Bebe, which is focused around how French parenting differs from American parenting. I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm already enjoying the research-based narrative and I appreciate the different points of view. I'll keep you posted.

Which reminds me: I think these hormones are much different than I expected them to be. Typically, my type-A personality can obsess over the smallest details, searching for perfection and worrying needlessly. Thanks, Mom. Right now, I'm definitely finding myself overwhelmed by emotion at interesting intervals (like the incredibly sappy text the hubby got on Thursday morning...), but more than that... I'm calm. I'm peaceful. This could be the calm before the storm, and I tell you what... even that doesn't freak me out. I'm taking every moment of this amazing journey and enjoying it to the fullest. If I'm being given the gift of introspection, thoughtfulness, calm and quiet joy, I will take it and be thankful.

Something that does surprise me, however, is the fact that we're very nearly halfway through this journey. Time is very slippery and unpredictable. Part of the reason is that we harbored this amazing little secret until just recently. Until we opened up, this 'having a baby' concept seemed unreal. And here we are, halfway. Amazing.

At this point, the man is off to a car parts store to hopefully purchase a new battery and solve all the problems. Then we can go on our trip. We'll all keep our fingers crossed.


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