Citrus does not mean a girl!

My crazy cravings for citrus (oranges and lemons in particular) is supposedly a marker for having a little girl... I guess that's why they're wives' tales!

We're thrilled to announce that we're expecting a son. My amazing husband surprised me with the news - I left the ultrasound not knowing the gender, and the information tucked away in an envelope. The next day, he presented me with a gift wrapped in yellow paper - a package of onesies, top one reading 'handsome'. Darn straight! If he's anything like his father, he'll be first adorable then crazy handsome. ;)

I'm sure due to a combination of hormones and anticipation, I opened the package and promptly burst into tears. All I heard was his nervous question: Are these good tears? Absolutely. Just overwhelmed by the enormity of finding out my little bean... has grown into a little boy. And was zipping around like crazy during the ultrasound - which is by the way the best video I have ever seen. Keep on kicking, son. I can't wait for your father unit to be able to feel you from the outside. I want to share!


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