January 16, 2013

the nursery project / before

ah... a deep sigh of relief.

so much got accomplished this past weekend!

first up, i have to thank my amazing father for giving up an afternoon to come help with the most exciting chores ever. i can hear everyone's eyes rolling, by the way. but it's true!

anyways, i knew that i wouldn't be able to tackle the furniture-moving, wall-washing, and nail-removal/hole-spackling that needed to be done. the mr. had prior plans for a chunk of the day, so dad decided he would come over and help - and of course, bring his two dogs along for the afternoon. :)

and that's just what we did - we cleared out the second bedroom (so the living room is even more beset-upon), took out all the nails, removed the blinds, spackled and washed the walls from the top down.

what a difference:

you'll see a couple of my points:

  1. the blue paint actually darkens the room, and with a small space and two historic windows... we need all the light we can get! 
  2. on closer inspection, the molding in this room had not yet been painted. the original molding color is a yellowish white, you can best tell when comparing to the bright-white ceiling. bleck. 

the desk/dresser will remain in the center of the room to act as a table as well as give me access to my clothes. but it's such an improvement!

and yesterday the most exciting so far - we picked up the paint! woo!!! you'll have to be patient, i'll reveal my plans for the room colors and my overall nursery plans in the next post. ;)

January 14, 2013

the nursery project / before before

since we moved into our little nook of a house during the holidays, we hadn't had a great opportunity to address the second bedroom. this will be our nursery/office space, and while the small space flings me between extremes of despair (it'll never work!) and excitement (let's rock this tiny space!) until now it's been filled to the brim with boxes.

as our charming friend ronnie mentioned, i needed to take "before before" pictures, "before" pictures, and of course, "after" pictures. what he meant was... that room was so crammed full of crap that i needed to document the simple transition from crammed to ready to paint. well said, ronnie.

"before before" picture - straight after moving in...
so here we are - straight after moving in. the room was already painted a mid-blue, but i wasn't really feeling the vibe. luckily, my long-suffering husband is understanding and acquiesced to my craziness.

luckily, the closet was already painted by my brother/mom when she was living here, so i was able to re-shuffle the clothes and create a safe haven for some items. everything else? i re-sorted and re-boxed some of the randomness (putting all the crafting stuff together, the office/desk stuff together), and those boxes are currently sitting in our living room. (the mr's patience is legendary)

amazingly, the bookshelves were temporarily relocated to our dining room... and they might just stay there. more on that later.

so... progress!

January 13, 2013

sunday morning breakfast

the mr. woke up with a great plan for breakfast...

i didn't have a chance to snap another photo, but you can tell the promise from these ingredients. ;)

a lot of our meals are thrown together with just our tastebuds to guide us. (not as scary as it sounds, i promise!) in this case, we had breakfast sausage on hand, some leftover potatoes, veggies and of course eggs. he whipped up a breakfast scramble for us for a delish start to the day.


January 10, 2013

Week 28 / 3rd Trimester!

by special request, here's a belly photo update. (for you, mom!)

i have to admit, the difference between week 24 and now is pretty substantial! i guess you would think 'no duh', but wow.

cool item from today: right after i woke up, baby boy got the hiccups! i've read about hiccups in utero, but it's not a for sure thing. i was hoping to feel it, and sure enough - there they were, for about 10 minutes. very cool. another mind blowing, magical event to add to the memory list. :)

bad news: all of a sudden, my nausea and fatigue returned with a vengeance. it's like a switch was flipped. i ended up running to the store during my break to get crackers + ginger ale, and took a nap in the xterra during lunch. -.-

in the long run, it will be a small price to pay (i'm sure)... but in the meantime, please excuse my less-than-awesome photo.


January 9, 2013

recently / christmas

i love hosting - something i didn't know about myself until i got married. it's fun to gather friends and family together to celebrate... anything! i felt a little hampered in the apartment, mostly due to lack of space. interestingly enough, our new little house is just that - littler in square footage, but boasting large front and back yards.

just right for a small christmas celebration with my husband's family and our two small nephews.

we started off by decorating sugar cookies. my sis-in-law baked the cookies with her sons a couple of days earlier, and the mister and i whipped up some icing. we had a great time making these tasty treats look even better!

i think i can admit here that i ended up eating most of these cookies. i'm going to chalk this up to general willpower weakness, and i'll throw in the pregnancy-craving excuse too. ;)

from here, we moved to play outside. as many are, i was inspired by the creative ideas on pinterest. we discovered the recipe for cloud dough - a unique molding, sculptable media just right for little hands.

add one cup of baby oil to 8 cups of flour, and mix well. (the mister would like to interject that the amount of oil may need to be adjusted; point well made, as we needed a little more)

since this project can be a little messy, transfer the cloud dough to a plastic bin or container and take it outside. (the boys also wore some kid-size aprons i found at joann's.) i included some sand box toys from warmer weather as well as some cheap kitchen utensils. the boys had a great time while we finished pulling dinner together!

by the time dinner was over, we needed to stay inside since it got a little chilly outside. i introduced the next project while my dear family cleaned up the dinner dishes and put the (humongous amount of) leftovers away. gum drop sculptures! a fun, holiday construction activity. i definitely recommend supervision, simply due to the toothpicks, but both boys had a great time.

finally, we were ready to open presents. we were all so blessed this year! zoey even got in on the fun, helping me open the biggest box (a crib from ronnie!) and supervising the general goings-on.

we closed out the evening with coffee & dessert, and some holiday cartoons. i can't remember a better holiday!

recently / thanksgiving

i took my camera along on our thanksgiving trip and played around in the beautiful hotel. our tradition is to meet my grandparents at the little america in flagstaff. it's been such a nice way to spend time with the family and give everyone a chance to get away. 

recently / catching up

wow. looking back at the past few weeks, it seems more like a whirlwind than anything else.

let's recap: we moved from announcing our pregnancy in october (woo!) to finding out the gender of our little one (it's a boy!) to packing boxes so we could move out of our apartment. at the same time, my mom found out about an amazing career opportunity in austin, tx and began preparations to move. this made our thanksgiving celebrations especially poignant this year, as it was our last 'traditional' thanksgiving. we were fortunate enough to take over my mom's lease in her rental house, and completed our move on thanksgiving weekend. you heard that right. finally, i was blessed to host my husband's family in our home for christmas, giving us a chance to play with my nephews and indulge in a delicious dinner. and of course, happy new year!


so clearly, there's been one thing after another. i'm excited to share with you. check out our updated profiles and feel free to leave us comments!