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wow. looking back at the past few weeks, it seems more like a whirlwind than anything else.

let's recap: we moved from announcing our pregnancy in october (woo!) to finding out the gender of our little one (it's a boy!) to packing boxes so we could move out of our apartment. at the same time, my mom found out about an amazing career opportunity in austin, tx and began preparations to move. this made our thanksgiving celebrations especially poignant this year, as it was our last 'traditional' thanksgiving. we were fortunate enough to take over my mom's lease in her rental house, and completed our move on thanksgiving weekend. you heard that right. finally, i was blessed to host my husband's family in our home for christmas, giving us a chance to play with my nephews and indulge in a delicious dinner. and of course, happy new year!


so clearly, there's been one thing after another. i'm excited to share with you. check out our updated profiles and feel free to leave us comments!


  1. This is a truly Lovely blog Alex! Congrats and happy thoughts!

  2. thanks, meg! :) it's a good way to keep in contact with everyone near and far.


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