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i love hosting - something i didn't know about myself until i got married. it's fun to gather friends and family together to celebrate... anything! i felt a little hampered in the apartment, mostly due to lack of space. interestingly enough, our new little house is just that - littler in square footage, but boasting large front and back yards.

just right for a small christmas celebration with my husband's family and our two small nephews.

we started off by decorating sugar cookies. my sis-in-law baked the cookies with her sons a couple of days earlier, and the mister and i whipped up some icing. we had a great time making these tasty treats look even better!

i think i can admit here that i ended up eating most of these cookies. i'm going to chalk this up to general willpower weakness, and i'll throw in the pregnancy-craving excuse too. ;)

from here, we moved to play outside. as many are, i was inspired by the creative ideas on pinterest. we discovered the recipe for cloud dough - a unique molding, sculptable media just right for little hands.

add one cup of baby oil to 8 cups of flour, and mix well. (the mister would like to interject that the amount of oil may need to be adjusted; point well made, as we needed a little more)

since this project can be a little messy, transfer the cloud dough to a plastic bin or container and take it outside. (the boys also wore some kid-size aprons i found at joann's.) i included some sand box toys from warmer weather as well as some cheap kitchen utensils. the boys had a great time while we finished pulling dinner together!

by the time dinner was over, we needed to stay inside since it got a little chilly outside. i introduced the next project while my dear family cleaned up the dinner dishes and put the (humongous amount of) leftovers away. gum drop sculptures! a fun, holiday construction activity. i definitely recommend supervision, simply due to the toothpicks, but both boys had a great time.

finally, we were ready to open presents. we were all so blessed this year! zoey even got in on the fun, helping me open the biggest box (a crib from ronnie!) and supervising the general goings-on.

we closed out the evening with coffee & dessert, and some holiday cartoons. i can't remember a better holiday!


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