the nursery project / before

ah... a deep sigh of relief.

so much got accomplished this past weekend!

first up, i have to thank my amazing father for giving up an afternoon to come help with the most exciting chores ever. i can hear everyone's eyes rolling, by the way. but it's true!

anyways, i knew that i wouldn't be able to tackle the furniture-moving, wall-washing, and nail-removal/hole-spackling that needed to be done. the mr. had prior plans for a chunk of the day, so dad decided he would come over and help - and of course, bring his two dogs along for the afternoon. :)

and that's just what we did - we cleared out the second bedroom (so the living room is even more beset-upon), took out all the nails, removed the blinds, spackled and washed the walls from the top down.

what a difference:

you'll see a couple of my points:

  1. the blue paint actually darkens the room, and with a small space and two historic windows... we need all the light we can get! 
  2. on closer inspection, the molding in this room had not yet been painted. the original molding color is a yellowish white, you can best tell when comparing to the bright-white ceiling. bleck. 

the desk/dresser will remain in the center of the room to act as a table as well as give me access to my clothes. but it's such an improvement!

and yesterday the most exciting so far - we picked up the paint! woo!!! you'll have to be patient, i'll reveal my plans for the room colors and my overall nursery plans in the next post. ;)


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