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since we moved into our little nook of a house during the holidays, we hadn't had a great opportunity to address the second bedroom. this will be our nursery/office space, and while the small space flings me between extremes of despair (it'll never work!) and excitement (let's rock this tiny space!) until now it's been filled to the brim with boxes.

as our charming friend ronnie mentioned, i needed to take "before before" pictures, "before" pictures, and of course, "after" pictures. what he meant was... that room was so crammed full of crap that i needed to document the simple transition from crammed to ready to paint. well said, ronnie.

"before before" picture - straight after moving in...
so here we are - straight after moving in. the room was already painted a mid-blue, but i wasn't really feeling the vibe. luckily, my long-suffering husband is understanding and acquiesced to my craziness.

luckily, the closet was already painted by my brother/mom when she was living here, so i was able to re-shuffle the clothes and create a safe haven for some items. everything else? i re-sorted and re-boxed some of the randomness (putting all the crafting stuff together, the office/desk stuff together), and those boxes are currently sitting in our living room. (the mr's patience is legendary)

amazingly, the bookshelves were temporarily relocated to our dining room... and they might just stay there. more on that later.

so... progress!


  1. Cant wait to see the before and the after pics! Judging by the before before ones; you had/have your work cut out for you! <3

    Let me know if you need anything/help


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  3. yeah, it wasn't TOO bad, because i had resorted through most of it. but i'm definitely grateful that my dad came over to lend his help; i wouldn't have made it so far without him!


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