Week 28 / 3rd Trimester!

by special request, here's a belly photo update. (for you, mom!)

i have to admit, the difference between week 24 and now is pretty substantial! i guess you would think 'no duh', but wow.

cool item from today: right after i woke up, baby boy got the hiccups! i've read about hiccups in utero, but it's not a for sure thing. i was hoping to feel it, and sure enough - there they were, for about 10 minutes. very cool. another mind blowing, magical event to add to the memory list. :)

bad news: all of a sudden, my nausea and fatigue returned with a vengeance. it's like a switch was flipped. i ended up running to the store during my break to get crackers + ginger ale, and took a nap in the xterra during lunch. -.-

in the long run, it will be a small price to pay (i'm sure)... but in the meantime, please excuse my less-than-awesome photo.



  1. haha - thanks, steph! mostly, i have to be amazed by the difference in just 6 weeks! there was definitely a growth spurt in there!

  2. I'm pregnant and I know it. :-)


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