recently / austin

i'm not much of a traveler - and whether i think i should be or not, i'm more of a home body. needless to say, when my mom moved to austin, tx in december it created an immediate opportunity to travel. since my manager and part of my team is located in austin as well, it provided a great chance for a 'working vacation'.

i flew in on a friday at the end of january, had a fabulous weekend with mom and also worked for three days from the office. such a great trip!

a cardinal outside mom's window! 

so many boots... 

mom made sure to feed me a 'pleasantville' style breakfast. 

our team 'appreciation event' was managing to eat at franklin's bbq

street art - random graffiti on the side of a shop on congress street. perfect backdrop! 

couldn't have had a better trip - so much excellent food, company and fun. thanks again, mom!


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