the nursery project / during

so it turns out that a 'home improvement' project takes a lot longer than anticipated. HA. totally a real life lesson here, folks. honestly, the biggest challenge is the fact that since we're both working, there's very little time to dive into a big wet paint project. anyways. as you can see above, we were working to cover that dark blue... and while we decided to spring for the paint + primer, you can see that the first coat provided a good start, but not the coverage we were looking for. ultimately, it took three coats of white paint (sheesh).

once all the white went up (big shoutout to the husband and my cousin - you guys rock!), it was time to tackle the lines. we did some research, decided to go with the frog tape (our walls are crazy plaster - more than the typical amount of 'texture') and really make an effort to do it right. look at that additional touch - the mr. decided to paper over the white lines, just to make sure they didn't get spattered with gray paint. would *i* have done this? probably not! and then would i have been devastated when the pristine white was speckled? absolutely. thanks, hon. <3  we borrowed my dad's chalk line to ensure perfectly level lines. very cool. very messy.

and voila! there are the stripes, in all their glory. so happy with the way they turned out! at this point, there are still small touch ups to be completed. the window casings needed a fresh coat of white, and the upper moldings had some gray paint from the roller. finally, there was residual chalk line dust (ugh - stories about this later) and inaccurate pencil lines from attempts prior to using the chalk line.

so where's the final reveal? in progress. :) my dear friend steph came over on monday because i had reached a point of 'i can't do this all on my own' and started to stress. what did we do? rocked it. more pics to come...!


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