Our Decision to Use a Birth Center

this post idea has been bubbling in my head for awhile now. between work, the nursery project, and general craziness of life it's been pushed back a couple of times. better late than never, eh?

the mr. and i haven't been afraid to pursue our own visions for our life together - even if that might go against the grain.

case in point: knowing that our wedding plans didn't fit into the $26k/wedding coordinator/bend over backwards expectation that modern society expects. nah, we ditched that because it wasn't us. we wanted private, personal, quiet - and then a chance to celebrate later with friends and family. we tied the knot at the main Phoenix courthouse on a friday afternoon, then hosted a casual BBQ reception four months later. we loved it - and still look back on that day with gratitude, love and absolute certainty that  was the right plan for us.
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it doesn't surprise me that when baby boy turned up, we'd find our own path through this journey too.

as long as i can remember, i've felt really strongly about giving birth. i'm a woman - this is what i'm built for. i know deep down that i'm meant to not just do this, but experience this. and i don't really believe that i can experience all that birth offers in the current hospital setting. i don't want to be medicated. i don't want unnecessary interventions. i trust my body.

for the beginning of my pregnancy, my care was handled by an ob/gyn. when we reached the second trimester, i asked the mr. his thoughts about an alternative option: working with midwives and staying out of the hospital. naturally, his first thoughts were about my (and young one's) safety. so we decided to do some research. as a healthy young woman with a low-risk pregnancy, we are perfect candidates to explore the idea of staying out of the hospital altogether. birth is a natural, normal process - and i believe that while the hospital is essential for many health concerns... having a baby isn't a health concern. 

now, we weren't ready to jump into the idea of an at-home birth. luckily, we had some great options in the phoenix area - we have three free-standing birth centers. this means they aren't located within a hospital.  i scheduled tours with two of them (one didn't call me back!), and in typical fashion we arrived armed with a full five pages of questions. these ran the gamut - you name it, we asked it. then we thought about it. and thought about it some more. we knew we immediately felt a connection with julia at babymoon inn and transferred my care. i couldn't be happier with our experiences so far.

knowing that i have a fully supportive team (comprised of a midwife, doula, labor nurse - and of course my hubby and mother) dedicated to helping me experience this birth safely & naturally... makes such a difference. i know i'm cared for medically and also emotionally - it's a little unnerving, going through something i've never experienced and have no context with. luckily, my team is highly experienced in natural birth, and can help us understand what to expect and coach us through. i'm not scared, i know what to expect and i'm free to feel excited about this process. it's the right fit for us.

now all that's left is to wait for little one to decide when to arrive. :)

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this. I learned so much from listening to you talk and learning through your experiences. You two (three!) are awesome.


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