The Many Phases of Nesting

as we wind down towards the due date, the various types/kinds of nesting have definitely made themselves apparent.

a couple of weeks ago, food nesting struck. not baby food, but food for us - i was seized by the need to ensure we had several meals ready to go in the freezer. i found some great freezer/crockpot meals, so i found some meat on sale, and spent the better part of an afternoon chopping and filling ziplocks with delish ingredients to simmer away during the day. so. we've got some reserves. don't get me started on the size of our tiny freezer. i so wish we could get something bigger. gah! 

the other anomaly - the fact that i've never taken a home ec class, never learned or wanted to learn how to sew... and now, all i can think about is wanting a sewing machine. there are so many things i want to create for this home and this child. so i still don't have a sewing machine, but i'm hoping to crash a friend's house and get a rudimentary lesson.

finally... i'm pretty sure that this baby isn't going to be judging me on the cleanliness of my crown moldings or the sterilization of my bathtub, but that didn't stop me from scrubbing the crap out of those things this afternoon. luckily my darling husband wasn't around to witness my craziness. i just put in some headphones, grabbed the cleaning supplies and indulged whatever whims my crazy brain took me on. on a related note, i think i need to use a steam cleaner... like for tile floors. any recommendations?

so there we are. baby's still growing and moving around like a champ. if this nesting intensifies, we might have an indicator of arrival. until then, we're hanging out until he shows up. :)


  1. I totally empathize with the tiny freezer issue. We just got a freezer for the garage this last year and I love it, but I had quite a few years of trying to fit freezer meals in tetris style with everything else. But you'll be so grateful for a few easy meals. Good job on that.

    As for the sewing, what is it you want to make? I know I'm out in San Tan Valley, but I have a sewing machine that has made quite a few curtains/pillows/blankets/valances, etc. I'm no sewing expert, but I can do straight lines pretty darn well, and it's amazing what you can do with straight lines! so if you don't have any other house to crash, let me know and we'll make a date. And if you've run out of baseboards to scrub, I've got a whole house of them you can do your worst on. :-)

  2. ah, whitney! thanks so much for the sewing machine offer. i don't have elaborate plans - one of my projects is touted as "sew one line!" - right up my alley, i think. the other thing i want to make is a crib skirt - also potentially simple. i'm going to shop for some fabric today, so i might be in touch with you soon.

    and as far as the freezer, i'm glad to hear that you were able to survive with a tiny freezer until recently. makes me feel like the little engine that can! plus, i discovered that freezing meals flat in zip locks allows a LOT more space since i can stack many more bags than other size containers. any other tips? pass them my way!

  3. sew a straight line - totally doable. You can make some adorable burp cloths with straight lines. :-) Definitely give me a call! Crib skirt can get a little more complicated if you want ruffles. But I have some experts close by I can consult if its ruffles you want. Might not be too much harder, just more time consuming.

    Can I get an amen on the ziploc bags! Other tips - if you eat ground beef or chicken, buy some in bulk, then cook it up with basic seasonings (italian, or just salt/pepper/garlic) and store it in small ziploc bags. I love having a snack size bag of italian seasoned beef I can toss in my pasta sauce for a quick spaghetti night. Or if I'm not in the mood for spaghetti, but want to do stuffed zucchini, I can toss the meat in that instead. Precooked meat can be stored in smaller bags, tucked into smaller freezer corners, and it makes cooking easier later, without having to predetermine the full meal you want to use it in.

    Also, nursing makes you even hungrier than pregnancy does. And it is that much harder to find time to make yourself food because you are busy feeding/holding/etc. Many a lunch consisted of cereal and milk, or crackers/cookies/chips because it was all that was readily accessible, and if I wanted to eat AND shower that day, there was no time to get out the bread, add condiments, slice cheese, etc to make a sandwich. Large freezer meals for dinner are awesome, but don't forget to have on hand smaller single serve things you can quickly pop in the microwave for lunch/breakfast/snacks if you don't want to be buying lots of processed stuff. Some ideas would be some great fruit/veggie breads or muffins with any health tweaks you want, home made bagel bite pizzas, burritos individually wrapped in parchment or wax paper and frozen in a bag. Just don't forget you'll want lots of quick lunches when everyone else goes back to work and you're home with the wee one and a voracious appetite.


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