Week 36 / Maternity Photos

i've been so excited to see our images from a photo session with shelly love photography. i had the pleasure of meeting shelly last year at one of her workshops last year - and the more awesomer (yes, i said it) experience of following that local workshop with an all-day workshop in sedona. oh yeah - it was just as fantastic as you'd think - i learned so much from shelly, serge and mark.

so when it came time to consider maternity photos, i knew right away i wanted to work with shelly. i can't tell you how awesome the experience was, and i think the images speak for themselves.

here's a sampling of our images. all images courtesy shelly love.


  1. Love all the photos! You are such a gorgeous mom Alex!

  2. Love 'emit mama! Can't wait ti see the rest!

    1. Crappy autocorrect. Love 'em all! Is what it should say. Thats what i get for using the "smart"phone

  3. thanks so much! we had a fun time during the session, and i really think the photos capture how we're feeling. :)


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