an Alfred Hitchcock morning

you have GOT to be kidding me. for the past several days, james has been waking up at 5.30 AM, even if we did our last nursing at 4. i was trying to figure out why, then decided to think of the easiest thing: it was getting light in our room by that time. so i wised up, lowered the shade and installed a blackout curtain. even so, the past couple of days he has STILL woken up at 5.30, but after a quick diaper change and top off nursing, he slept until 7ish. win!

so you might be wondering why i’m awake at 5.30. did james wake up, perchance? nope.

my dog caught a bird.

yep. now, don’t get all excited – i’m pretty sure this was a lame bird to start (wing-wise, not personality-wise). anyhow. i’m laying in bed sleeping like a champ (james also sleeping like a champ) and i hear some barking from the side of the house. zoey is a bit of a barker – someone could be walking their dog, or simply existing near the house and she wants to let us know. anyways… this barking was focused in one area, and there were a ton of birds going crazy. i launch myself out of bed (thoughts of: ‘what if it’s a robber?’ and the like running through my head) and run outside.

and there she was – zoey super excited, ‘playing’ with her new friend – half-grown grackle. the 15 adult grackles in the trees above were not pleased.
a bit of background: yesterday morning, i let z come outside with me as i watered the planter. she chased a few of the birds hanging out in the yard, and one of them was kind of lame – couldn’t really get off the ground. i called her back to the yard but she hadn’t really even gotten close. then last night, z caught a fly inside the house. she was all excited and gummed it, pawed at it and pranced around all proud of herself. i told alan: if she ever catches a bird, that’s what she’ll do.


so i honestly don’t feel TOO terrible here, because i’m pretty certain this is the same lame bird we saw the other day. it just had the bad luck (good luck?) to wander into our yard with my dopey dog.

to zoey’s credit, she is a phenomenal listener. once i figured out what was going on i told her to sit/stay and even while i was herding a lame baby bird down the side yard, she didn’t move her butt one inch. amazing. anyhow. on our side yard, there’s a hole in the bottom of the cinder block wall (on purpose to let the irrigation reach the front yard). alan had strategically placed a couple more cinder blocks in front of the hole so zoey couldn’t dig her way out but the water could still flow through. which meant that at 5.30 this morning i found myself barefoot, hurling cinder blocks, flapping my arms above my head to prevent being pecked to death by a flock of angry grackles, and shooing the baby grackle through a hole in my wall.

ah, life. apparently 5.30 is my hour.


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