the bagley house: moving to CO!

i'll imagine there were some double-takes, so let's just say that one more time:

the bagley house is moving to denver, CO! 

whew. that feels a little more real. yep, it's totally true. i've been absolutely turrible about keeping the blog updated, but with work, james, and trying to figure out this epic decision on the down-low... i'm not surprised.

so... let me fill you in!

the backstory
alan was stationed at fort carson in CO during his time in the army. when he got out of the army, he came back home to AZ to attend college, and stumbled across moi. ;) he's always loved colorado, and we even honeymooned there. our trips were always so much fun, and really tapped into what we loved best: being outdoors, spending time together, and bringing zoey pretty much everywhere. we thought, one day maybe we'll have a chance to go up to colorado on purpose. and that was pretty much that. real life happened - we got pregnant, alan graduated from college (woo!) and we went to work every day.

one day, alan got a phone call from an old army colleague (hi matt!), with a job offer that would put us in denver. whaaaat?! we sat on it for a little while, turning the idea over (and over and over) in our minds and hearts. it was like our someday was all of a sudden... now. which is by the way, kind of scary. we decided that overall - this is a fantastic opportunity. not only for alan's career, my career and our original dream... but for us to live in a place that allows us to live the life we want to create for our little family. and let's be honest, it will also allow me to get closer to my crunchy-granola roots. ;) 

the info
- alan will be working for an all-natural meat company: anderson meat company. we're really excited to be part of this growing company that focuses on a simple idea: providing fresh, high quality meat to customers in local farmer's markets and grocery stores.

- i'm currently interviewing for a position with our denver office (wish me luck!). this will allow me to remain with my current company and simply transfer locations.

- we'll be looking for a house to rent for a year or so, giving us time to save up and purchase a home. eep! therefore, if you currently have a lovely rental property and would like to have some excellent tenants - let me know!

the plan 
- alan will travel to CO ahead of us, sometime in the next two weeks-ish. until then, we'll be sorting, cleaning, purging and packing like fiends to get as much done while we're together as we can.

- once he arrives in CO, alan will work like crazy to get a head start while also scouting out the above-mentioned rental properties for us.

- james, zoey and i will continue on here as normal, with an added dash of sorting/cleaning/purging/packing.

- we don't have an exact move date yet (anticipating within 1-2 mo); as of now this hinges on my interview process. no pressure.
- while we don't have family in denver, we each have a few friends - we won't be totally alone!
- there will definitely be visits back to phoenix, and if anyone wants to come play in the snow - now you have an excuse to come north!

so there you have it. we're excited to start this journey!

small-stuff updates:
1. we celebrated our 3 year anniversary on 7/31. <3

2. james is still adorbs. (margi, that's for you.)
(proof of current adorability)


  1. Yay! A-dorbs. Totes cray adorbs. And you'll totes gitcher granola on and LOVE the Mile High City. I'm a smidge jeallie. Not totes. Just a smidge. ♥


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