Don’t get cocky because the puking stopped...

For our first Bagley-only Thanksgiving in Colorado, we kept things quiet. I decided to roast a chicken and prepare the staple dishes Alan requested. We didn’t travel, and no one traveled to us, so it was pretty simple. Kind of nice to have the first holiday ever where I only had to worry about US… not getting us somewhere, or planning something. Anyways, the food came out really well and the day was a success. Alan gave James a bath and put him in cute little footy pajamas while I cleaned up after dinner, and voila. Time for bed.

Not really sure what instinct possessed me to take James out on the front “porch” of our apartment, but it was pretty warm inside from the fireplace and oven. We stood there for a moment, enjoying a cuddle… then he looked at me, and barfed all over both of us. Your first thought might be “Gross!!!” but honestly, the only thing that sticks with me was the bewildered look on his face (and my gratitude that we were outside when he upchucked). Poor little guy just didn’t understand what was going on. Needless to say, he had a full on stomach bug for about 24-36 hours. Alan was such a trooper staying home with him the next day… there was a lot of laundry and clothes-changing done that day.

I was a bit nervous taking over kid watching the next day after hearing about how much barf there was on Alan’s shift. But there was none! No barf! How lucky! I started feeling all proud and excited that I dodged the worst. Well. Apparently I conveniently forgot that while it’s called a ‘stomach’ bug, the whole digestive system is connected. So I had the dubious task of dealing with everything that came out the other end… yuck yuck yuck. Definitely much worse than your run of the mill poo.

So, needless to say: don’t get cocky because the puking stopped. 


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