James' First Christmas

So, I wrote us a pass this year. We moved in late October, and barely dug out enough from boxes to get a cheap card table/dining table by Thanksgiving. There was no way we were going to dig all of our Christmas stuff out of storage in enough time to decorate without giving me an ulcer first. So... we opted out of any frenzy, decorated the fireplace mantel (fireplace! mantel!) with a lit garland and our holiday cards from friends and family, and called it good. The other plus? Not having to turn around and put everything away.

Our holiday was a bit untraditional this year, since we were far from our family and being as frugal as possible. We had a little present-opening session (but our biggest gift this year was a contribution into James' 529) on the living room floor on Christmas Eve. Kudos to Dad for manning the camera!

James was a bit stunned throughout the process, but Zoey made sure to get involved and show him how it's done. <3

Christmas morning, we ate breakfast and geared up to go explore our beautiful new CO mountains. Alan recently visited Mt. Herman in Monument, so we went there. What a gorgeous hike! Beautiful trees, a touch of snow, and water! Just laying on the ground! Running in a stream! These Coloradans don't know how good they have it. :) James was warmly bundled in the carrier with dad, and Zoey probably ran 3 miles for every mile we hiked (back and forth between us, over and over). We loved it.

While it might not have been the most traditional holiday, we're so glad we had the chance to get out! I'll call James' first Christmas a success.


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