I totally thought garlic was delicious. Powerful, yes. Especially in an ill-fated batch of mashed potatoes that Alan and I made one time. Turns out, you DO need to cook it a bit to take some of the crazy garlicky ness out of the taste.

Fast forward to tonight, when I nonchalantly pop a clove of raw garlic in my mouth. What was I thinking? Yum, I like garlic. EXCEPT WHEN IT STARTS BURNING LIKE HOLY HELL in my mouth... and throat... and esophagus... and stomach. Seriously... I almost threw up. And not in the sense of the taste... because my body nearly said, "Nope, too strong, you're asking a bit much of me, lady." (Sometimes my body pops an attitude.)

I'm sure the question of WHY I'm eating raw garlic has occurred to you. Turns out, I have a plugged duct in one of my lovely lady humps. (Dad, I wrote that just for you. You're welcome. ;)) Anyhow, there are a ton of remedies to try, including warm compress, Epsom salt soak, massage, and of course the fabulous antibiotic properties of raw garlic.

All I have to say is that this HAS to work, because it's seriously intense. Nothing can burn that much without clearing out some stuff.


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