Big news, people!

You guys. We’re so dang excited. And scared. And nervous. And happy. And kind of pinching ourselves.


To fully understand the impact of our news, you need to have some backstory. Because we haven’t been super vocal or open about the past few months, you might be thinking: “Huh? I thought he had a job. No big deal.”

The catalyst for moving to Colorado was Alan’s job offer with a local meat company. We knew that I’d be able to transfer with my job, so the stability would continue to be with my position and income. We were pretty jazzed about the new opportunity, new locale – you get it. Heck, you were there to support it!

As a result of some poor choices and unfortunate timing, Alan had to stop working at the end of December. (We hope you’ll be gracious with your understanding here – this is still a raw topic and we’re not quite ready to delve into all the dirrrty details. Suffice it to say, we’re still working through the system to get back to normal, there’s positivity on the horizon, and we’re still so glad and grateful to be where we are!) So all of a sudden, we were down to one income and without any great prospects – kind of hamstrung by the situation we faced. Scary times.

Alan stayed home with James, which turned out to be the silver lining of our plight – these guys became best buds. (This is something that in my sneaking suspicion was really needed, especially since we were separated in the fall. Father/son time was really overdue.) And to be honest, it was really nice to have a consistent schedule, even if it was just mine. We saw each other. Had dinner together. Shared in the fun of James’ bath time. (There was a lot of travel in his prior position, which made this tough to come by.)

In the meantime, we put in application after application. Flipping burgers? Check. Retail? Check. Corporate? Check. We were turned down for being “too qualified”, or “not the right fit” or whatever else. Not only scary financially, but disheartening.

Finally, we got a glimmer. An initial contact, and a phone interview. Knowing the interview process could take some time, we were painfully, cautiously optimistic. Hopeful. Realistic. Days went by. A couple of setbacks – pushed interviews, excruciating wait times. A couple of weeks went by. This could really happen. We could get a shot. A last minute terror – would this be all for nothing?

After all of our hoping, praying, studying, practicing (because honestly – you don’t prep for a huge interview on your own – totally a group effort here), we got the phone call. Alan got hired. To be a stock broker (trainee). At my company.

*insert grin here*

Thank you thank you thank you. This is such a huge opportunity in so many ways. A chance to build a career. Pay off our debt. Save for a home. Get ahead. The relief in the Bagley house is palpable.

So now we’re working through some pre-first-day jitters. Just hoping to avoid the naked-can't-remember-your-locker-combination dreams. James will go back to the same daycare we used before (we’re so happy to go back!), and while we can’t carpool at first we’ll both be on a ‘traditional’ schedule.

We’re so so blessed. And I need to specially thank our family for standing by our side these past few months – my mother and father especially. We wouldn’t be anywhere without your love, patience, listening skills and reassurances. I’m also humbled by and grateful for our dear friends (Steph, Margi, Amber, Bobby, Matt, and my whole mama-community [Babes with Babies, I’m looking at you], to name a few) who were so careful and gentle with us during this hard time. Thank you for listening, talking, offering your support and love.

On to a fresh beginning.  


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