I’ve always been drawn to the solstice. In the depths of winter, it’s the one day that gives me hope and something to hold out for. The days have started getting longer. The angle of the sun is changing. And I am so. ridiculously. excited. for the trees here to get their leaves. Since we moved here in autumn, we had a chance to see the gorgeous leaves color and drop, but I still haven’t seen everything in full foliage. And there are so MANY trees here! As a girl from Phoenix, it’s a bit mind-boggling… and no palm trees in sight! I’m still a bit taken aback by the plentiful greens here. And the WATER. It’s just… laying on the ground. Amazing. I love it. And even the snow and coldest days… there’s still the magic of knowing that spring and summer are right around the corner.

Can’t wait.


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