Ugh. We've all been walloped by illness here at the Bagley house. 

For a straight week now, we've succumbed to all manner of sick and gross and yuck. James wound up with croup and a double ear infection, followed nicely by my own bout with the flu (seriously?!), which all led up to poor Alan getting sick. He never gets sick. 

So the dishes are piled high in the sink. The fridge is getting low. The dog is feeling cooped up and annoyed. And I can't even find it in me to complete simple errands like making it to the post office. 

But what it does make room for is the often-overlooked, or the pushed-out-of-the-way-because-i-don't-think-i-have-time… the sleepy cuddles. The trading-off of mid-day naps. (Did you know? Being a parent doesn't stop just because you get sick. Sick while having a baby around suuuucks.) The leaning on one another to remind ourselves that we're in this together - and not just to survive, but to thrive. 

We're finally starting to recover. Thank goodness for a weekend together to get back to health. 


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