National Western Stock Show

James is finally old enough to really enjoy fun activities! As in, he can walk and participate as opposed to being a bump on a log. ;)

When we heard about the stock show, I wasn't familiar. Turns out:

The National Western Stock Show takes place during the month of January in Denver, Colorado. The 16-day show serves as an entertainment arena, hosting one of the world’s richest regular season professional rodeos, the “Super Bowl” of Livestock Shows, nationally recognized Horse Shows and Colorado’s largest Western Trade Show.

James loves: animals (especially the farm variety), trucks and tractors… This was kind of a no-brainer. Plus, we got a discount on the tickets through work! Yippee! 

We decided to go during our MLK Day holiday from work. Since we both worked over the holidays (I picked up Christmas Day, Alan took New Year's Day), this was our first "holiday" in a long time! It was soooo nice to spend the time together, and we had a ton of fun walking around and exploring. 

We checked out a chicken coop and a sample pig barn.
They had a section dedicated to different grains. Doesn't James look THRILLED??

I was SO excited to see the bald eagle… but by the time we got over, he was hooded. Check out those TALONS.
PS. Barn owls are CREEPY. Always.
The TRACTORS! We made a point to ask for permission, and James loved getting close and "driving"!

The COWS were getting BLOWDRIED before auction, and the SHEEP were wearing jackets. 
The day involved a lot of great time being close with Daddy. 
We rounded out the trip stopping by the arena to see some of the presentation. 


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