Our House

For those of my family members who are obligated to care, I figured I could show a little more about the "Bagley House" as it exists now. 

Our adult living room! Not anything risqué… just that we finally got parts of it DONE. The TV is mounted on the wall, the mirror is hung above the mantel… Yahoo! Zoey looks comfy, huh? 

The dining room/kitchen. We got clever about storage space, because our little apartment has approximately zero storage. Alan installed these great wire shelves in the dining room and even above the sink. We have bins from Ikea that store a variety of things - Zoey's treats, clean washcloths, clean bottles (still) and miscellaneous. We also keep our pots and pans here on hooks - super genius, in my opinion, since we have… no cabinet to store them in. 

This is our laundry nook. Clever storage solutions here too. (Alan says, "Isn't that the same picture?"Well. Yes, but I didn't have a wide enough lens to get it all. So there.)

We have a few tubs on top of the dryer, holding our iron, dryer sheets, and other laundry apparatus. We installed a yard-utensil bar on the wall to hold the broom/mops and screwed a hanging shoe rack on the wall to hold our cleaning supplies (no room under the sink). And the empty laundry baskets live in here when they're empty. Which is usually never. 

Here's our entry way. We've got hooks here (and now hooks behind our bedroom door and James' bedroom door) for coats, scarves and leashes. A shelf for bags and shoes, along with a bowl for miscellaneous stuff and hooks for keys. 

Our lovely mantle. The decor changes a bit (can you tell this was taken in the fall?), but in general, it's such a cheery place. I love mantles. 

I am still trying to dig up the new pictures of my room and James' room… we rearranged furniture and I haven't retaken photos yet. :) 

Just wanted to share! 


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