Even a simple trip to REI turns into a fun family adventure. We’re lucky to have the flagship store here in Denver, which mans a huge building chock full of awesome, fun stuff. Sometimes we’ll stop by just to walk around, enjoy a coffee and let James explore a bit.

On this evening, we were returning a pair of gloves. I had my camera with me, and was using this as an excuse to play around while Alan walked around with James.

Something about seeing the two of them walking together, side by side… just squeezes my heart (in a good way). It just makes me marvel that – I fell in love with this man all by himself. I had a hunch that he would be a pretty awesome father, and it’s just awe-inspiring to watch him in that role. He takes such good care of us, and watching him love on James is pretty much the best. Unless he’s loving on me. THAT is the best. ;)


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