Things James Says

I’m astonished at how FAST James acquires language. When he first started speaking in the summer, it was super basic: Mama, Daddy, Zoey-oey-oey. (Seriously, that’s her name… not just Zoey!)

He started gathering vocabulary as we talked to him and read stories. I know at daycare he also has a ton of exposure to other kiddos, the teachers, and MORE books. I noticed that he would point to the same things over and over and over – building that repetition and familiarity so he could try them out on his own.

One of his very first words was “truck!”. Usually accompanied by that exclamation point and the most excited tone you’ve ever heard. This was followed by “bus!” “train!” and “airplane!”. I feel like he can HEAR and identify an airplane before I even register that I hear one – I think I’ve just tuned it out over time, and it’s so darn exciting for him!

The words came in clusters – learning the parts of his body all together. Learning farm animals. Learning more vehicles on the road.

Recently it’s seemed to get more sophisticated even faster – he was putting two words together “move, Zoey-oey!” or “Mama truck!” but now he’s doing 3 words and more complicated concepts. He’s discovered Thomas the Train on Netflix, so we’ve delved head-first into the world of Sodor. Eesh. When we went through a Michael’s store of all places, we found a Thomas sticker book (Over 700 stickers!) that was kind of expensive, but we decided to get it since it was such an exciting concept for him. At first he just liked looking at it, but as of today, he’ll pull the stickers off and narrate what he’s seeing. After he identifies which train it is, he’ll say hi! For example, “Spencer! Hi, Spencer!” It’s pretty adorable.

James has also embraced his sense of humor – or maybe he is just displaying it? He really thinks the concept of “Oops!” is hilarious – so when we read “Blue Hat, Green Hat” by Sandra Boynton he just laughed SO HARD, when just a month or so ago he didn’t seem to “get” it. Now that he understands “Oops!” he laughs and laughs when someone is goofy and makes a mess, or when he accidentally falls down and says “Oh no!”

Maybe the funniest thing recently is his discovery of his nipples… this is totally a pull-out-in-15-years-to-embarrass-your-girlfriend kind of story! For me, the funniest part is HOW he says the word. It’s more like “mip-puhl”, and he thinks they’re pretty funny – daddy’s too!

James is also exploring adjectives – he tells me that I’m strong when I carry him up the stairs, and he knows that a giraffe is tall. And he knows that a poopy diaper is Stinky! Yucky! PU!

I just have these moments where I’m amazed at this amazing journey that I get to witness. It’s honestly magical. And he’s not being dragged to learn, I’m not twisting his arm. He’s just unstoppable. I sense a little joy in finally being able to express himself too – James has always been a social, verbal little guy. And I sensed that when he didn’t have language  skills, he was definitely frustrated! It’s really nice to have a better sense of communication with him.


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