Things James Says

When I ask him "How much does mama love you?" He says "Big!

And he's totally right.

He also says "Zoey-oey-oey" - not just her name, he has to say all the pieces… still. What used to be a silly nick-name is now her REAL name. When we come home in the afternoon, as I’m unlocking the door, he’ll knock on the door and at the TOP of his lungs bellow, “HI!!! ZOEY-OEY-OEY!!!”

For some reason, James thinks that elbows need kisses. So during a diaper change (when he’s on the changing table), he’ll gently grab our arms and give the elbow a kiss.

James has started picking up on our language with Zoey(-oey-oey). He’s telling her to “go lay down!” if he’s eating, or “No, Zoey!” if she is following him trying to snag a cracker, and he’s also started telling her that she is a “good girl, Zoey-oey-oey”.


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