Toddler Fun: Bubble Play

For his first birthday, James got a set of small dishes from his grandparents, Grandma-Nana and Granpa. We’ve kept those in his drawer in the kitchen, and he’ll often pull them out and practice stirring, or placing the lid on the pots. On this afternoon, I had to wash a few dishes in the sink, and James really wanted to participate.

We brought over the “learning tower” that Alan built for us, and pulled out his dishes. I poured in a ton of soap and warm water in the big sink, and gave him a pile of bubbles to play with. We practiced washing the dishes, stirring with whisks and spoons, and even poured the bubbles and water onto the floor. Hey – at least that patch of the floor is clean! ;)

James definitely loves being included in the kitchen – this was a fun afternoon!


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