Toddler Fun: Foam Shapes

We picked up some foam sheets at the dollar store – nothing special. I cut out some basic shapes that James knew how to recognize, and then put them in a dish with a splash of water (not too much, as James enjoys few things more than dumping water on the floor). I spread a towel on the floor in front of the sliding glass door to capture any splashes or drips, and as a final encouragement I drew some of the same shapes on the glass with a whiteboard marker.

I showed James how the wet shapes would cling to the glass, and he was just delighted. We talked about the shapes, and he stuck every single one on the window. He didn’t seem to care about the shapes I drew with the marker – he didn’t match them up. No worries – I’m sure we can play matching some other time.

Once all the shapes were on the window and we talked about them, James took them off and started over. It was definitely a fun, no mess activity that gave us something to do on a chilly day!


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