Toddler Fun

When James was younger, I struggled to figure out “what do I DO with him?” I particularly remember this at around the 4-6 month mark. He wasn’t old enough yet to sit on his own, or “play”… so those days were tough on me, not knowing if I was stimulating him enough, or helping him learn and grow… Luckily, I decided to get over that and just love him to bits and pieces, sing and talk to him, and he seems to be just fine. ;)

But this fall/winter, I had a sudden realization – Holy smokes! We’re out of that tiny, floppy baby stage, and we’re swiftly approaching KID stage! I know what to do with KID stage! I love KID STAGE! (Of course, he’s a toddler first – I get that.) I think this must come from my background as an elementary educator, and my own personal connection.

ANYWAY. The important thing here, is that I had this revelation and then we were promptly hit with our winter weather, which meant a lot more time indoors (in a very small apartment). *I* started going crazy, so I figured James had to be getting restless too. Insert Pinterest boards here! We gathered some crafty-type materials, repurposed some kitchen gadgets we already had and POOF – some new activities that are fun for James, but also promotes his fine motor skill development, sorting abilities, and heck – just something new and different for us to do/talk about.

I’ll be creating separate posts on these activites and tagging them for easy reference. Feel free to copy these and try them with your kiddos!


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