Walk at Sand Creek

We discovered a nearby park that is more of a “nature” area with paths, ponds and streams. Parts of it have been under construction, but there are some neat offshoots on the main path that let you walk down to the banks of the stream and watch the ducks and geese fly in and out and forage for food. We also see some more interesting birds, like a bald eagle (!!!), hawks, herons/cranes and some colorful little birds – finches, maybe?

Zoey’s leash-walking skills have degenerated since having James – so trips like this are sometimes more annoying than they’re worth. At this point, we prefer her to be off-leash to wear her out as well as relieve us of the strain of fighting with her… oh well.

This was a nice walk right before sunset. The wind kicked up a bit, but we had fun getting out of the house and stretching our legs. Wasn’t the light beautiful? Love these images of James, as well as the sweet moments with us, too!


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