Things James Says

I just can't get over some of the things this kiddo says. I'm so glad I get this opportunity to document these moments because I'm sure as new things come up, there won't be room to remember all of these.

James often asks for songs, and he's recently starting asking me to sing "ABS", which is his way of saying ABCs. And at the end of every song, he claps and says "YAY!" It's a huge boost to my confidence.

This one took me some time to figure out - but James' little hand motions helped me connect the dots. Itsy-Bitsy Spider!

This is his explanation of where we are going, or where something is (quite often it's how he tells us he needs to go to his room from the living room). Usually this is accompanied by "Mama/Daddy too! Zoey too!"

"Mama/Daddy too!" 
James definitely wants us to come with him, wherever that is - Away! The kitchen, bathroom, his room. He's gotten more interested in holding hands, or bringing us along with him. Very sweet.

"Every train on Thomas & Friends"
When I ask James who his friends are, or who he played with today, he'll start with his real friends at school - Matthew, Tyler, Mia. Then he launches into all of the trains - Thomas!! Gordon!! Emily!! Spencer!! Rocky!! Percy!! Henry!! It is amazing how much he retains, and how excited he is to rattle off the names.

And last but not least for this round, I was so surprised to hear him this morning - tell me that he had a dirty diaper and wanted it changed. Big deal, since he usually lives in denial when you can clearly see/smell a dirty diaper (yuck). But this morning, he grabbed my hand, led me into his room so we could change him and get "All clean!" Maybe this is a great first step down the road to potty training…


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