Things James says

I have a phrase that I use in lieu of more colorful language while driving. “Come on, guys!!!” Applicable in all sorts of situations, this is a handy stand-in when little ears are present.

James thinks this is hilarious, and has for months now. When I exclaim, “Come on, guys!!!” his immediate reaction is to say: “Mama funny!” But most often, it starts a progression:
“Mama funny?”
“Is Mama funny?”
“Daddy funny?”
“Is Daddy funny?”
“Zoey funny?”
“Is Zoey funny?”
And sometimes the answer is: “Yes!”
But sometimes the answer is: “Nooo! Cracker funny!”

Don’t ask me. We get the funny crackers.  
James has also gotten much better with his memory recall. So when I tell him what we’re having for dinner, or that we’ll Skype with Grandpa later… he remembers! This is a new and different dynamic, because now he holds me to my word! Tricky stuff, toddler of mine. On the other hand, it helps us with transitions. So when we’re dropping him off at Claire’s house for date night, I can prep him on the drive by explaining – “We’re going to Claire’s house to play! You’ll see baby James and play with his toys…"
James knows how to sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”… most of the words. Usually, when we start singing, he immediately bends over and holds his toes for the entire song. And I will hear him say “head… shoulder… toes… eyes… ears… MOUTH… a’nose… HEAD…” It’s pretty adorable. He also pieces together most words to “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and still requests the ABCs. And my favorite part is whenever we’re done with a song, James claps and cheers. Continues to do wonders for my confidence!
We thought James was saying “tuba” the other day, but that just doesn’t make sense. Turns out, he’s trying to say “super!” And according to Alan, he often pairs this with “away!” to create: “Super away!” while putting his fist in the air like Superman. This may come from a friend at daycare (Matthew) who seems to enjoy Superman quite a bit. J
James is definitely exploring his desire to do things on his own, so a new phrase is “hold it”, as in “I want to hold this item/drink/stuffed Olaf snowman at daycare”. I appreciate his learning to do things on his own, but it’s a little diappointing when the thing in question is unable to be held. (Like Olaf.)
And finally, he’s started saying fun stuff like a real grown up person. If something is surprising or big or cool, he’ll say “Oh man!” Too cute.


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