Toddler Fun: Rice Play

We don’t have easy access to a sandbox when the weather is so cold and snowy, but various sensory materials are a fun way to get that same experience pouring, molding and squishing. 

Today, we pulled out our sensory box (AKA a large, shallow rectangular storage bin) and filled it with some uncooked rice. I added in some scoops, measuring cups, spoons and trucks.

I definitely recommend laying out some kind of drop cloth – this way, clean up is way easier, and you can re-use the rice that falls to the floor. We ended up playing in the living room on the carpet, so the sheet I set out was incredibly useful – especially since James didn’t really “get” the idea of keeping the rice in the box.

Anyway, James chattered and narrated all of the fun things we were doing – especially pouring rice into the truck bed. Since he had a few instances of pouring the rice on the floor, he ended up with grains of rice stuck to his feet. He then discovered that he can see the bottoms of his feet if he stretches juuuuust right. Tons of fun, and I can’t wait to try some different sensory materials like play dough, cloud dough, and colored rice and pasta!


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