Why Mom jeans?

I used to wonder (way back when I was a teenager), WHY my mother wore Mom Jeans. Why ANYONE wore Mom Jeans. Yuck.

The thought of wearing them filled my lithe self with anxiety for being so fashion-backward.

But I totally get it now.

I have one pair of jeans that fit me now, post-baby. I have a couple more pairs in my drawer from my pre-baby days, that I’m pretty sure I won’t fit into again for awhile, or ever… but I’m not willing to part with them. Anyways. My one pair of jeans aren’t necessarily classic Mom Jeans – they’re American Eagle, a more modern cut… but a higher waist than I used to sport, for sure.

And I love them. I don’t love that I’m in a size twice as big as I used to be... Ugh. That's a topic to tackle on another day. 

But I love that these jeans offer me some support and comfort. My tummy is bigger and softer and looser than it used to be. And while I hope to address this sometime soon, in the meantime I’m WAY more self-conscious in low-waisted pants. I feel wiggly and uncomfortable. These magical jeans give me an extra dose of confidence and comfort. 


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