Toddler Fun: Colored Rice

It’s been awhile since we played with rice, but wow! James LOVED this activity. I went through the process of coloring the rice with food coloring and vinegar (see here) a month or so ago, but was holding off busting it out for a day when we really “needed” it. We’ve been pretty sick the last month, and I was home with James early this week. On Tuesday, it was snowy and cold and just awful being stuck at home inside – a perfect time to play with our “colors!” James has seen the little baggies of colored rice on the mantle and I told him that we’d play with them soon.  

We have a shallow, long plastic bin we’ve used for other sensory activities, so we pulled that back out along with several items from James’ kitchen drawer. He had to bring a truck too.

We talked about all the gorgeous colors – super vivid and bright – and then we had to mix them all together. We did a TON of pouring in and out of the various containers. We shook the bin to level out the “sand” and had a level surface just perfect for truck tracks.

We poured the rice over each other’s hands, and listened to the sounds they made on the upside-down measuring cups. We squeezed the rice and brushed it off. James particularly enjoyed making sure every container was full, but the immediately made sure that every container was empty. We also made a “big mountain” out of the rice, which was also very fun to drive the truck through.

I’m so glad I took the time to color the rice – it definitely adds a fun element and some additional topics of conversation while we played. And I have to say – I never thought it would be so exciting to play with rice. But there’s something about someone else’s excitement (particularly a cheerful toddler!) that changes a simple/mundane activity to something shiny, new, and fun!


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