Things James says

“I see…”

I think they do this in school – They might ask James, “What do you see?” He is all about narrating what he sees – “I see yellow bus!” “I see tractors!”

“Look Mommy/Daddy…!”I love this. James is so darn excited, he just HAS to tell us and show us! “Look, Mommy – trees!” “Look, Daddy – two crackers!”

“I DID IT!!!”Pretty sure he’s saying this in all-caps in his mind, too. He’s certainly learning so much more and getting much better with his fine/gross motor skills, so he’s very excited to do things himself, and celebrate those accomplishments. This is often accompanied by a “Look, Mommy – I DID IT!!!”

Full songs now!The ABCs, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You’re Happy and You Know It… they sing a lot of songs at daycare (which is great, because I can’t remember lyrics to save my life), and James will launch into versions of these in the backseat while we’re driving, during a diaper change, while he’s playing. Super cute. Like, heart-meltingly cute.

“George”James has decided that we’re calling the new baby “George”. Pretty sure this is after Curious George, and we still have no idea if this baby is a boy or girl. Regardless, James is determined that the baby will be/is George.

ModelingJames is certainly modeling behaviors more often, and this is also very cute. The best example so far is when his daycare had a stuffed animal day and James brought in his Elephant. On the drive home, I heard James talking to himself, and then he said: “Boog, Mommy – Elephant needs tissue!” So I gave him a tissue, and he proceeded to wipe Elephant’s nose (like I do with him).


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