Countdown to 5 years: 29 days

I shared yesterday about our first date: the hike at Saguaro Lake. As we were hiking back to the trailhead, Alan asked what I was doing the following weekend. I kind of chuckled to myself because: that’s cool! Getting asked on a second date before the first one is even over… Pretty nifty.

Since I didn’t have any plans, I asked him what he was thinking. “Well, my dad’s getting remarried, and if you don’t come with me I’ll have to take my friend Steven.” (Ha – I’m sure you would have had a blast Steven, but I appreciate you letting me cut in!)

I nearly fell over – that’s kind of an off-the-cuff invite to a kind of big event, to kind of a girl you barely know. But… We had hit things off so well, and I figured it couldn’t be a BAD thing. I remember clearly asking him – “Will there be food?” Since he assured me that I’d be fed, I absolutely agreed. (Talk about being comfortable being myself, right??)

Turns out, his dad was getting remarried… right back at Saguaro Lake! So our second date was in the same spot, but this time we had another unique vantage point. They had rented a large sight-seeing boat for their wedding party and guests, and were married on the water. After the ceremony, we took a tour all around the lake.

Alan brought the same little point-and-shoot camera with him that he’d brought to the first date, which I promptly commandeered. I took pictures of EVERYTHING. The sights (we saw deer!), the wedding, and pictures of us. Look how young and shiny we are! (I remember that as we communicated after this date via FB messages and texting, he was bemoaning how many pictures I’d taken… I guess that might have been a sign, huh?)

As with our first date, things were just COMFORTABLE. Not in a lazy, PJs way (because boy did I obsess over what I wore), but in a I feel completely at home way. Meeting this brand new guy’s whole family? Witnessing his father getting remarried? Perhaps an awkward, weird situation? Not really. I had a great time. We laughed a lot, we enjoyed each other’s company, and then afterwards met up with some friends (Hi, Chris and Il!) to round out the evening.


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