Things James Says

Oh, this talkative, goofy kiddo of ours. 

He says a LOT. Hard to imagine, knowing his mama, huh? :-p 

Here's some of my favorite gems recently: 

"What's wrong, Mama??" 
This is also applicable to Daddy, and usually gets deployed when some sort of exclamation occurs. Driving? Stub your toe? If we yell about something, James immediately becomes concerned and asks us so genuinely sweetly and lovingly… that we feel awfully low for being upset that someone didn't use their blinker. Or whatever. Sweet boy. 

A super common question around here is along the lines of: "What's going on?" "What're he/she/you doing?"So when we reply/answer, James is ready with an enlightened-sounding "Oh…!"Pretty cute. Where does he pick this stuff up??

"Mm hm." 
Sometimes I'll give this reply when James is looking for confirmation. He's picked it up for his own use, and it's ridiculously silly to hear a 2 year old say "Mm hm" in response to something. 

"Walk away!" 
We think he learned this one at daycare somewhere along the way. I'm pretty glad that he has this one (along with the next entry) because it gives us a common language when James would like to decline something or get some space. Often, "walk away!" is used when he's super frustrated and doesn't want someone else in his space. Recently, this is mostly deployed at Alan due to his super-mama-clingy phase… but I've heard it a couple of times as well. 

"No, thank you." 
We've tried to give James some phrases when he would like to say no, but looked for something polite as well. This has been pretty great, when he's done eating, done getting tickles, etc. We're also trying to turn it around and use that same language too, if WE would prefer to be done with something. Fingers crossed - it seems to make sense to him so far! 

"I'm still playing/watching/eating/digging…" 
Oy. This is a common one. We try to give James cues and processing times before switching tasks or jumping activities. This helps us with our transitions SO much… but now, he will respond to our cues with a very matter-of-fact "No, I'm still playing with this truck" or whatever he's doing that he'd much rather continue than put on shoes/change diaper/take bath. 

"I took Daddy to get bagels…"
This kid has incredible recall and spatial recognition. One morning, several months ago, Alan took him to get a bagel at Einstein's for a Daddy/son outing. This particular place is on the normal route to/from work, and without ANY prompting James will narrate that "I took Daddy there for bagels". It's incredible. He's done this with a couple of locations - even remembering the Petsmart logo, and that "We take Zoey for nails". He's totally right - we take Z there every month or two to get her nails done, and in this case - it's not even the specific location - he'll recognize ANY Petsmart and relate that back to us. Jeez. 

I have NO idea where this came from, but he's all of a sudden calling us Mom/Dad, not Mama/Daddy. It's kind of cool… and kind of squeezes my heart in a painful way. 

General repetition
James loves to repeat back whatever was just discussed to the other parent (even/especially when we're all together and clearly experiencing the exact same thing). James and Alan will have a quick discussion about the sky/clouds, and immediately following I'll hear: "Look, Mommy! That's a blue sky!" Yes, baby. Thank you for sharing with me. :) 


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