Things James Says

This kid is TALKATIVE these days! I feel like I've said that before, but it's even more true now that he's older with a bigger vocabulary. He's a marvel to listen to.

There is it! 
James has been much more involved in narration. Instead of saying "there it is!" he (adorably) mixes up the words to say "there is it!". 

My favorite… 
Oh man. James has loved identifying colors for a long time now, and we've known for awhile that he seems to prefer orange. We watch a show on Netflix that displays the title of the episode on a colored background. Typically, he'll exclaim "Blue!" or make sure that we look. "Look, mom - green!!!" I was pretty floored to hear him say "Orange! That's my favorite color!" Oh my gosh. So amazing. The best part? He kind of shakes his head while he says it, maybe to convey how MUCH orange is his favorite color. Super awesome. So in case you were wondering - James likes orange. 

I don't want to do…
Whatever the thing is. Insert a bit of a whine. We still do a lot of transition work with him - explaining what comes next, when we're going to change activities or do something new/different. This goes a long way, but sometimes he'll still make his opinions known, that he doesn't want to do that thing. 

When we went to visit my dad in Phoenix, we took a trip to the store to prepare for our open house. James did a great job as we walked through the store, but as we got to the cashier he asked to be picked up. I guided us to an open register (all of which are numbered), and he just volunteered, "That's number 4!" Um, yes. You're totally right, kid. So I asked him some of the other register numbers, and he knew them! 10 threw him a bit, but I can understand that - those double-digit numbers are tricky. He knows and learns so much, and really often it seems to just click or absorb or gel between one day and the next. Young minds are incredible. 


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