Things James Says

Oh man. This kid is a crack up. I've said that about a thousand times before, and it keeps being true.

Comments on food
In the last couple of weeks, James has started spontaneously thanking me for making his food. I don't think he's been coached by dad or anything, but we do encourage general manners (please/thank you/etc.). Anyhow, he'll say "Mama, you made this food!" When I confirm that I did, he'll say "Thank you for making this delicious food, mom!" Pretty heart melting.

James is also much more vocal about his feelings recently. At least the positive ones - the negative ones still usually default to a tantrum-y style outburst at first. He'll come up to us spontaneously and say "I love you, mama!" or he'll come over to give Thomas a random kiss/hug. As I was doing something in the kitchen, James came up and said, "You're one sweet lady!" I about died laughing. Thanks, my boy! <3


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