The smallest of things

I'm sitting here on my bed next to James as he watches a PBS show. Thomas is napping, and Alan also started to snooze on the couch. Zoey is chewing a bone. The window is open and the fan is bringing in cool summery air.

As we get closer day by day to this momentous change - moving in to OUR house - I keep noticing the smallest of things.

This tiny apartment has been our home for over two-and-a-half years. It's not glamorous. It's gotten more claustrophobic as we've grown and as we just KNOW there's more space right around the corner.


We've absolutely made this place our home.

Alan's found us creative storage solutions to take advantage of every space. He's rearranged furniture countless times to accommodate the season of life we've been in. James learned how to eat and walk and jump here. We brought Thomas home here. Countless minutes of every day life and special events and family and friends and living and loving happened here.

I'm so ready for something better. For a space we can grow and love and learn in. But closing ANY chapter is hard. Saying goodbye to the known. Saying hello to the mystery of the future. As I pack these boxes, I'm taking careful stock. Offering my thanks for all we've had here, and marveling that this small, bare, empty space can hold an entire world for an entire family. So powerful.

We're also going through a shift in mindset. Since we've been in Denver, we've had a storage room to hold Alan's tools, our Christmas tree and decorations, all of my children's books (my boys have a pre-made library and they don't even know it yet!)... and in order to use any of those things, it's a huge ordeal to unpack and repack the storage room.

We won't need to keep that storage room any more.

We're not just packing, we're bringing everything HOME with us. What a revolutionary concept. We don't need to be split in two spaces any more. We can find a place for everything, and really dig into this life of ours whole heartedly.

Can't wait.


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