Things James Says

Jeez, this kid talks ALL THE TIME.

I know my mom and dad must be wiping away a tear from laughing so much. (I was/am a big talker.) But literally - on the drive to daycare the other morning, James told an entire imagination-based story for something like 7 minutes straight. No input from me. Not stopping. Every sentence connected with "and" or "and then". It was incredible! Not enough coffee yet, folks.

But he continues to have these fantastic phrases and I have to write them down.

"Check out me!"
He loves to have me or Alan witness his feats. Jumping on the bed. Playing with a toy. Being silly. Love this one.

"What's this one called about?"
Asking the title of something, or the name of something new he hasn't encountered before.

"Moooooom! Mom? Mom!! Mama!"
Yep. This is happening. Life as I know it is over. I used to joke with MY mom that it was kid-sonar - pinging to see where Mom was. That's absolutely what it is. And James is already doing it with me.


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