Love Your Spouse - Day 1

Brynn tagged me in the Love Your Spouse Challenge back in July, and while I loved the idea – I simply didn’t have the bandwidth to participate at that moment. It got me thinking though, and since our 6th anniversary quietly came and went in the bustle of turning in keys at the old apartment, unpacking boxes at the new house, and keeping kids alive… I thought this was a fitting time to reflect. Instead of a “picture a day” (because I certainly don’t have the ability day after day to post something!) I’ve compiled & scheduled everything here.

So. Happy anniversary to you, Alan. You’re my person. My missing piece. My husband. My partner. My friend. The love so big and amazing and unexpected – I didn’t even know I could wish for something like this. Forever, for always & no matter what.

Day 1: Our wedding – July 2010

I’ve shared our “favorite” wedding image before, but this one is also special. We had a wonderful officiant at the courthouse who made our ceremony personal and special. I love that you can tell these smiles are involuntary and too huge to hold back! I'm smiling as we kiss, for heaven's sake! We walked out of the court room together – having gotten married in our own way, surrounded by the people we loved best who supported and encouraged us. A wonderful day to kick off an incredible journey.


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