Love Your Spouse - Day 2

Day 2: Trip to Moab – May 2011

My family did annual trips to Moab, and those trips continue to be some of my favorite memories – ever. Grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins, & family friends came from 3 different states to meet in one of the most gorgeous places on earth to share one of our passions – 4x4 offroad driving. Particularly, the awesome slickrock trails in Moab. We’d rent a condo and have a homey space to live and truly relax during our trip (when we weren’t offroading on death-defying trails… what’s vacation without a little terror??). And I got to share that with Alan! Our beloved Xterra came with us on this trip, and was a trooper on the trails. We saw incredible sights, made some pretty fantastic memories, and I’m pretty sure Alan’s love of and appreciation for Jeeps was born here. Who knew that just a year and a half later Alan would have a Jeep of his very own? ;) It’s fantastic having a spouse who can appreciate such a big part of your history and what your family loves to do.


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