Love Your Spouse - Day 4

Day 4: Celebrating the holidays - December 2011

Oh this series of pictures. To date, one of my favorites. You see, there’s something special about these images, beyond just the happy faces and the kiss.

First: we were celebrating the holidays with my family. That brick is the entryway to my father’s house, and the house where I grew up after we moved in middle school. Those bricks – that house – are such a part of who I am and all the growing and loving and learning I did growing up as a young woman. I love it here.

Second: This is the first time I actually felt like myself – like there was hope, like it was okay to laugh – after we had our miscarriage a month earlier. It was heartbreaking for both of us. All of us. And it took me time to knit myself back together, to grieve that baby and walk through that pain. Alan felt his own loss and grief, and while we experienced that separately – we were there to support each other. And on this day, when I could finally see so much light through the darkness – I’m so thankful to have gotten these pictures (and the rest in this series, including my brother and parents). I’m so glad you are my partner for the unimaginable, Alan.


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