Love Your Spouse - Day 6

Day 6: Waiting for James – March 2013

Often, marriage isn’t about the big flashy gestures. It’s the quiet moments spent waiting, for good news or bad. It’s making the choice to choo-choo-choose your spouse over and over again. Being able and willing to be open and vulnerable with each other – even when, especially when it’s hard. Putting them before yourself. Learning how to partner with someone completely different from yourself, and striving to meet them and love them where they are. Alan and I have joked before that we’re “marrying kind”. As in – people who knew that marriage just fit them. It’s true – being married is awesome for us. But it’s also work. It takes loyalty and commitment and patience and communication and effort and love and kindness and bravery and sometimes? I’m not so great at it. Sometimes things fall apart and we have to come back together. As I’ve gotten a little older, I realize again and again that no one has everything figured out. We’re all doing the best we can with what we have in that moment – and hopefully striving to do better.

This picture is from our maternity shoot while I was (very) pregnant with James. I love the quiet strength I see here.


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