Things James says

Well by now, he pretty much says ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME. 

Which continues to astonish me. Because: holy moly. He's only 3, and the grasp he has on language and articulating his thoughts is impressive. (Other times impressive when that ability completely disappears... read: tantrum.)

Here are some current favorites: 

This is the way he says "because". It's ridiculously charming. We often ask him big open questions - like: Why do babies need so much sleep? "BeCOMES... they need to sleep to grow big and strong like Hulk!"

"I love you, mom." 
Yep. Saying it spontaneously. Already twice today, which is heart-melting. Once when he woke up groggily, went potty, then climbed in bed with us in our big bed. He snuggled right up, leaned over and whispered "I love you, mom." I feel like I've been kind of dreaming of this moment for... well... years now. It's incredible. So appreciated. And I'll keep this shining nugget close to my heart as a reminder during the hard times. 

Along the same lines... 
"I like to hold your hand!" 
Another melting moment. We reinforce often that we have to hold hands when we cross the street or walk in a parking lot - or even when we're in a really busy place with a lot of other people. But sometimes... we'll be just walking side by side and don't HAVE to hold hands, but he just wants to hold hands anyways. Pretty cool. 

"Entire passages of movies." 
So during the move (AKA: pre-move, the move, and post-move) we leaned on Netflix and a couple of kid-movies to keep sane. We've probably watched them eleventy-billion times by now, and James has memorized parts and scenes. It's hilarious and amazing to hear him playing outside with his toys, and hear Dory speaking whale (Finding Nemo) or Gru asking for "COOKIE robots, not BOOGIE robots!" (Despicable Me). So even though it weighs a bit on my mom-guilt, it also makes me chuckle because Alan and I (and my whole side of the family) love quoting our favorite movies. 

"Those animals are predators..." 
And other observations of that nature. We watch some nature shows, and along with his awesome preschool, James knows a lot about animals and the difference between predators and prey. 

"When I get bigger..." 
He's started equating when certain things can happen "when he gets bigger". He's in this in-between space where sometimes he considers himself big, and other times he considers himself little. I try to honor that as we go - sometimes it's nice to feel big, and other times it's nice to feel small and safe and little. 

Favorite color shift. 
When we was littler, his favorite color was orange - hands down, no contest. Over the last couple of months that has changed. His new favorite colors are "red and blue", and I'm not totally sure how that changed. 


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