Month 1: 2017 365 Project

This year, I'm doing my first 365 project - committing to taking (at least) one picture a day with my big camera.

It's tough - especially with some of these short days, long work hours, and general craziness. But I also love being more mindful and nimble with my camera. I'm capturing moments I wouldn't have captured last year, and trying new things that I wouldn't have tried.

Folks have said that their 365 projects have helped them improve their photography, and I never understood how that could be. Okay, take a picture once a day - big whoop. But it's only been a month, and I totally get it now. It forces you to think differently and more intentionally, and even more... it's the old adage. "Practice makes perfect." And while I'm not in it for perfection, the practice is making me even more familiar with my camera, with light, with the art itself.

While I might not be able to share the final edited image every day, I'm shooting every day.

Here's January, all wrapped up. So happy to have completed my first month, and looking forward to the rest of the year.


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