The pond

I'm a visual person, a visual learner and often images help me process my thoughts and feelings.

Imagine a pond. A peaceful, lovely place, surrounded by greenery and part of the landscape around it. Over time, no new currents come into the pond, and nothing is leaving either. There may be fits and starts of rain, but you notice - the water level is diminishing.

Things exist in this state for years, and everything is technically fine. The pond is still there. The water level is lower, but looks okay from a distance.

Someone notices the state of the pond, and nudges a nearby stream to flow into the pond. For the first time in a long time, fresh currents and eddies stir up the water and the sediment. It's easy to see that the existing water has grown dull and stagnant - sediment has layered the bottom of the pond and choked out some of the life.

The fresh waters swirl merrily about, kicking up the dust and muck and causing a glorious change. Water levels go back up. The pond is nearly bursting with luscious, lovely, muddy water.

But something is still missing. The chaotic swirls of water and black muck are trapped - nowhere to go. An outlet is needed. The water finds a natural dip in the bank, and a new stream is created.

Soon, we see the chaotic waters gentle. A natural harmony is found, between the inflow, the pond, and the outflow. Clear waters settle, gentle currents provide a balance of new and old. Sediments find a new landing place.

Looking forward to seeing what's settling in the clearer waters of my heart and mind. 


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